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Tuesday, September 18, 2018    

Project In Progress

I am currently building a digital pipe organ console.  The images below were created from the 3D conceptual plans that are guiding my process.  The specifications of the organ are as follows:

  • Hauptwerk 4 Advanced
    • Palace of Arts Budapest
    • Paramount 450
  • Two 19" touch screen monitors
  • Five Manuals (61-key Allen)
  • AGO Pedalboard (concave and radiating)
  • Five Klann Expression Pedals
  • 55 Thumb Pistons

At this stage, I am working primarily on the conversion of the manuals, pedalboards, and pistons to midi.  About 300 solder joints later I am almost done with the manuals.  Midi encoders, produced by Midi Gadgets Boutique in Bulgaria, will be used to connect everything to a PC running Hauptwerk 4.


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