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Monday, August 13, 2018    
Web Cam Presenter 1.0.0

Configuring the webcam...

Currently, Web Cam Presenter has only been tested with Logitech cameras.  If there is another type of camera you would like supported, please let me know.


Waiting for the camera to initialize...


The screenshot editor can display an unlimited number of screenshots...


The screenshot editor allows you to cover a portion of the image or draw on the image...

The source code for this project is currently being cleaned up and commented. It will be available soon for download!  

Web Camera Drivers
Web Cam Presenter will function with almost any Logitech web cam. However, to use the full feature set of Web Cam Presenter you must install the correct drivers for your camera. You can find Logitech drivers at the following website:


I am willing to add support for your favorite web cam. But, I will need a test unit to ensure proper operation.
 TitleSize (Kb) Created DateDescription
Web Cam Presenter 0.9.51,407.04Download8/8/2010Initial beta release.
Web Cam Presenter 0.9.61,764.35Download11/11/2010Added ability to invert and grayscale video screenshots. Can open files in external editor. A few keystroke shortcuts.
Web Cam Presenter 0.9.81,795.96Download12/4/2010Added some keyboard shortcuts and first-time startup defaults.
Web Cam Presenter 0.9.91,796.17Download5/18/2011WCP now remembers the last capture path.
Web Cam Presenter 1.0.01,574.24Download11/7/2011This version of Web Cam Presenter allows the user to fill the screen with the video feed by collapsing the settings and screenshot panels.
Suggestions, Comments, and Bug Reports

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Suggestions, Comments, and Bug Reports
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      wcp   12/1/2010 5:53:05 PM
one more enhancement It would be good if there were default values in the cam setup. I am thinking that this is not possible because they end up pushed to the camera and pulled from the camera.... Would it be an option to have a version customized to just the pro9000 camera that we are using and have those presets hard coded? BB Submitted By: Brian Bray

      wcp   12/1/2010 5:47:37 PM
tested new version Tim- I am sorry that it took me so long to get this tested. It is great of course. I will be demonstrating it to Dr. Lowrey on Monday. FYI- the very expensive commercial solution did not work wiht our student's Sony laptop and this seems to work great. Future enhancements- one click restore to defaults (contrast, bright, Etc) and key combinations for functions- espcially invert. The low vision kids can not see icons well. I did get one unhandled excption when I used the Del key to close thumbnails rapidly. The program recovered and ran normally. I was not able to replicate the issue after twice. Thank you so much. BB Submitted By: Brian Bray

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